Waterproofing is a process in which fabric fibers are impregnated with an environmentally friendly and water-soluble material. This material creates an invisible and smooth "shield" around the fibers and makes fabrics and carpets resistant to the absorption of various wet, greasy stains as well as dirt and pollution.

After treatment, the waterproofed surface can be cleaned with a simple, soft cloth and plain water. The stains are deposited like a "crust" and are removed very easily. Liquids are not absorbed by the fabrics and do not enter into the pile.

The most important advantages of waterproofing are:

  • It can be applied to various items that already exist in our home, such as carpets, couches, armchairs, fabric beds, curtains, etc.
  • It does not affect the appearance, texture and durability of fabrics or carpets.
  • Items are protected from daily wear and fading.
  • It increases the life time of the fibers.
  • It makes our everyday life simpler, more practical and more enjoyable.
  • It offers us more hygienic and clean surfaces without much effort.

Waterproofing is ideal for:

  1. Professional premises
  2. Hotels
  3. People who want to enjoy every corner of their home.


Estimated cost:

  • Sofa/armchair: €90+VAT / seat
  • Fabric chair: €20 + VAT / piece
  • Carpets (carpets/machine woolen/handmade woolen/silk): €22+VAT / sq.m. (the 2 layers)


For details of cost, application time and to make an appointment please contact our store on +30 2310 813392.